Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011


There's a lot of bullshit going around about Islam and muslims. Let's clear it up a little.

1. Burka/ Violence towards women

Wearing the burka is only mandatoey in Iran and Saudi Arabia, 5% of all muslims.
In fact there are more islamic countries that have banned the burka.
The burka is not ment to be mandatory by the Koran, it's merely a commodity.
Four of the five most populated muslim countries have female heads of state(Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey).

2. Islam ≠ Arabia

Only 20% of the muslim population lives in the middle east/north africa; the largest part is located in middle-/east asia.

3. Islam and the willingness to violence

Here's a code Muhammad himself established for his warriors:
- No women, no children, no innocent (priests, etc.)
- no wilful murder of animals
- no wilful burning of trees, forests or fruit trees
- no destroying of water wells
Muslim conquests displayed a tolerance of religions that one failed to find in christian conquests. (see: Moors in spain - the crusades)

4. Muslims are backwards/defy technology

Technologies and great achievements from muslim countries: algebra, philosophy, architecture, medicine, art.

Western countries that were conquered by muslim forces were endowed with schools and libraries.

That's about all I can tell you. I'm not a muslim, for the record.



  1. These arguments will always be thrown back and forth. These are pro-islam, but you cant change feelings with arguments, since emotions and rationality doesnt mix up very well.

  2. Very interesting! re-affirmed my views on islam for sure!

  3. Very nice. Definitely an informative read