Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Facts of Life II

I'm back with some content.
Let's continue with more self-proclaimed facts of life, that might either depress, illuminate or delight you. You could also not care.

1. Change is a part of life and you will not be happy until you accept that your life and that of others will inevitabley change in one way or another.
2. When you're sick with your life and yourself in general, it's a good time to pick up a book.
3. Billions of people would love to be you. Be grateful for what you have.
4. You always need a goal.
5. It's worth retrying foods, that you didn't like as a kid. (Spinage, grapefruit, asparagus, etc.)
6. Casual swearing makes you sound dumb.
7. Every generation in general follows the current fashion trend without hesitation.
8. It is impossible to live in the wester world and not be a hypocrite or a douchebag.
9. Everyone has an addiction.
10. The way you dress and your posture greatly change the way you feel about yourself and others feel about you.


  1. Very deep thaughts bro, interesting post! ;D

  2. Number 8 is a great one...
    Please check my blog too!

  3. Wish my friends understood #6.

  4. i agree with more of these than the first one :)

  5. Really interesting stuff :) i should probs cut down on 6 xD

  6. Now I want to try some food I sued to hate!

    Please follow my blog!

  7. Billions of people would love to be you. That's a message we really need to get out there. Many people just have no idea how lucky they are.

  8. DUDE! your so right! I just retried some weird fruit that freaked me out as a kid, and now i love the stuff! just gotta try out lots of other stuff now.

  9. A guy gets really tired of hearing how he's better off than a billion people. Or "starving african kids". No matter how true it is, we compare ourselves to the things we see. People are visual creatures.