Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Daily Routine

Here are three things that you do every day since you were born, and still: chances are you are screwing them up anyway.

1. Taking a shit. A western style toilet (i.e. every toilet in america and europe (except parts of france)) helps to produce hemorrhoids like a mad man. They also let you shit in a wrong, often inconvenient ankle. More natural is the way squatting toilets (i.e. every toilet in the rest of the world, including india and china) work. You'll shit quicker and more efficiently.
2. Hygiene. Every-Day-Showering and the strong use of chemically produced soap destroy the outer layer of your skin (horny layer). Effects are irritated skin and acne. Standard soap doesn't kill the bacteria on your body it just moves them from your dick to your face. Antibacterial soap kills them but it also kills you. So shower less frequently and just wash your genitals and arm pits daily
3. Toothbrushing. Remember toothbrushing as a kid? It sucked. And rightly so: toothbrushing after every meal destroys you're teeth rather than cleaning them. Directly after meals your teeth are covered in acid, rubbing that acid around is not a very clever thing to do. Twice a day (morning & evening) is fine, more important than brushing is flossing.

See ya


  1. Get in, get out and get gone on rule number 1. I think so too, whenever we shit in the west we grow accustomed to comfort, and reading the paper. The east just builds toilets to shit, get it over and get done with it.

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